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I've been spending waay too much time online, and I've recently found a few websites that I thought I'd share with you. Not because these blogs are "okay" but their actually i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e and definitely worth cheking out.

First up, Max Wanger. I found out about his website through Instagram. (Weird, I know). Anyway, I spent literally almost 3 hours scrolling through his pictures. Their all just SO beautiful. He's a great photographer.. one of the best I've found. I love all of this photos, their all bright and happy. Check him out, you'll love his site.

Gorgeous, right? ^These are taken with an iPhone. Can you believe that? 

Next, OhDearDrea. I've been following her blog for awhile now.. and I'm still an avid reader. In fact, she was one of the main inspirations for my blog. The decor in her home is (incredible!!), her daughter is adorable, and she shares really cute DIY's. 

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