What I Love About Sunday

So this past week has been pretty stressfull. There's been a lot going on lately.. (post coming later this week). I've had a few papers due, and school in general has just been a big pile of Blah. (Not a fan). On a much brighter note, today is Sunday. (For those of you who had no idea, Sunday is my favourite day of the week). I love the peacefulness in every Sunday morning. I love being able to sleep in, and have a late breakfast. Most of all, I love spending time with my family and friends. To me, that's what Sunday's should be for.

I spent most of my Sunday on the couch.. Had a few hours spent with a lovely boy :) and I finally did my first fabric bunting project. I'll be posting about this probably the day after tomorrow.. I think it turned out great! This was my first time fabric bunting, let alone sewing something by hand.. But I got ahold of it and I even made a pillow!

Today was a great day.
What did you spend your Sunday doing?

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